What I learned, and what will stay with me forever.

I do not believe there are words in the English or any language powerful enough to describe my feelings for this school and especially Mrs Xenia. She was not only a teacher to me, but also one of my dearest friends and she always will be. Mrs Xenia always held my hand throughout my journey here in XTMPI, teaching me not only about the English language, but also life itself. Here in XTMPI and with the guidance of my dear teacher, I learned how to respect and collaborate with other people. I was taught how to be patient, caring and giving. Mrs Xenia always knew the right ways to cheer you up, but she also knew how to help you during tough times. Honestly, I wouldn't be the same person that I am today if it wasn't for Mrs Xenia. I have so much memories here, and the grand amount of them are happy memories. Memories of sitting in our class where you were allowed to be yourself. You were allowed to laugh, to cry and share everything without judging nor being judged. My most vivid and favourite memory is and forever will be my class and Mrs Xenia laughing and sharing. My classroom, in XTMPI became my one of my favourite places to spend my time in, and it breaks my heart that after ten years I will be saying goodbye. But I know, that I will have a family here I can always return to!

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